June 2010 Game Design Showdown - "Slippery Slope"

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Main Design Requirements:

  • Design Consideration: Slippery Slope, but no Runaway Leader. An aspect which is usually considered a problem in game design is called the Slippery Slope. It's often a problem because it can easily lead to a Runaway Leader - someone who gets an early lead and is impossible to catch, therefore the remainder of the game is irrelevant. This months Showdown challenges you to use the Slippery Slope dynamic in your entry, WITHOUT allowing for a Runaway Leader to emerge. Here's a link to a pretty good article about this which may prove helpful. (In particular the section called "Limited Slippery Slope")

  • 設計的核心理念:滑坡效應,但是第一名不可以獨走。 滑坡效應是一個遊戲中常遇到的問題之一,因為他很容易造成一個獨走的領先者,這個月的挑戰就是在你的遊戲中使用滑坡效應的概念,但是不可以讓獨走者出現!! (註:滑坡效應是指在遊戲中你早期的失誤,會導致你後期的失敗,有點像骨牌效應一樣)

  • Mechanics Restriction: Deck Building.
    The success of Dominion has sparked a lot of interest in an exciting "new" mechanism - Deck Building. This months Showdown challenges you to use some form of Deck Building in your entry. Please note that this does not mean your entry should be a Dominion clone! The more creative you are in your use of Deck Building as a mechanism, the more votes you're likely to receive!

  • 指定機制:牌組建造!!

  • Theme Restriction: None.
    There's no theme restriction this month. Use your imagination!

  • Bonus: There is no bonus theme or mechanism this month.

  • Submissions: Friday, 18-June-2010 through Sunday, 27-June-2010.
  • Voting: Through Monday, 5-July-2010. I will be out of town the next couple of weekends, so please bear with the wonky deadlines and give me a day or two to post entries/results - thanks!
    Voting Format: Each person has 6 votes to distribute any way they choose among the GDS entries with the following restrictions:
    • You may not assign any votes to your own entry!
    • You may not assign more than 3 votes to any single entry.
    • You need not assign all 6 votes.
  • Comments or Questions: Comments and questions about this Challenge were handled on the Comments Thread.

  • CRITIQUES: After voting has closed the entries will be posted for comments and critiques. Post constructive critiques and commentary about the entries to this Challenge in the Critiques Thread
  • GDS Details: For more details on how these Game Design Showdown Challenges work, especially the details around the word count and graphics limits, visit the GDS Wiki Page. Enjoy!
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